Madame Librarian📚

imageWelcome to Copley Classics fellow authors, bibliophiles, bloggers, librarians, and students! So…why create a website about the Great Literary Classics? Simple! I am passionate about three things: my husband Carl (an avid golfer), drawing (mainly portraits and master copies), and reading. Aahhh, reading–that heart-stopping, brain-challenging pastime that drives me into comfy corners with cups of tea, chocolate, and dog-eared volumes of Austen, Wilde, Twain, and Tolstoy.

Over the next three decades–if I am fortunate to live that long–I will write reviews and record audio extracts from my favorite Classics. I will include selections from fiction, drama, and poetry. Please join me on Copley Classics for a lifetime of literary adventures from inspiring works that inform our minds, elevate our spirits, and touch our human hearts.

Warmest Regards

Sarah M. Fredericks (Madame Librarian😊)

Carpe Librum!📚Seize the Book…and let the page-turning begin!

VIDEO: THE MUSIC MAN🎶  Here is a little video clip, set in a library, from one of my favorite musicals.  Unfortunately, the second half of the song is missing, where Professor Hill, Marion the Librarian, and all the patrons partake in a riotous dance. However, you can buy this musical on, or check it out from–dare I say it?–your local library. Enjoy!

Professor Harold Hill (Robert Preston) woos Marion, “Madame Librarian” (Shirley Jones).

7 responses to “Madame Librarian📚

  1. That musical has a version with a happy ending and one with a sad ending, I think. I prefer the happy ending!


  2. Marcus J Copley

    I dated a librarian a long time ago!

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    • Dear Marcus,
      I hope she paid more attention to you than to her books. Did you ever read poetry together?


      • Marcus

        Sorry for the late reply to your question, Sarah.
        I read poetry to her. I can remember a specific day, on a cliff top, not too far from home. The weather was great, and I read some of my work to her, as well as other poets’ work. That was about ten years ago!

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  3. Hayley Medeiros

    I am a librarian as well! I did not know you were one, though, until today! 😉

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