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🎤POEM: The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, Persian (1048-1123)

imageOmar Khayyám, son of Abraham, the tent maker, was born in Naishapur, Iran, almost a thousand years ago. He initially followed his father’s profession,  but when he completed his education in Samarkand, he developed a lifetime passion for astronomy, philosophy, and algebra. Algebra?  Oh, yes!  We can thank Omar for our many sleepless nights when we fretted over his geometric methods to solve his cubic equation (x^3 + 200x = 20x^2 + 2000). He wrote treatises on music, mechanics, geography, and  Islāmic theology.  Omar also developed the Jalali calendar, one of the oldest and most accurate solar calendars still in use today.  Apart from acknowledging his incredible contributions in various fields of study, we in the 21st century can enjoy Omar’s Rubáiyát, rhymes instructing us to live for today and not worry about the Hereafter.  Omar was a realist, declaring, “I, myself, am Heaven and Hell.” Continue reading


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