📚Lisa Vernon, Executive Director,

Anne Arundel County Literacy Council,

Maryland, U.S.A

Sarah, thank you for creating this literary feast! Your website is beautifully written, organized, and a joy for the senses. You have poured your heart and soul into sharing your passion for classic literature with your Copley Classics subscribers, and I look forward to reading every review. I also plan to share the reviews you post for our Anne Arundel County Literacy Council supporters to enjoy through our @AACLC  tweets.

📚Revd. Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick, Chaplain,

Cardiff Metropolitan University,


Individualist, sometimes radical, always deep, true and real; Sarah’s blog is a joy to read, although read may be too strong a term. One engages with her pages and essays. Sarah crosses a range of subjects and themes, but she always links them. She is an author and a writer, a rare combination, and she is a reviewer with passion.

The key to what she does is her understanding. If you look at her piece “A Passion for Reason,” one finds a compassionate engagement with an era focused on change, discovery, violence, totalitarianism, love, and reason. Sarah does not over intellectualize these themes, but she sees the vortex that subjects exist in and looks at them in their moment, living and real.

Her reviews are current and contemporary, and the originality of her website is thrilling. I got lost in this blog and spent time moving from one piece to another, much as a sojourner does. I loved it–passionate, humorous, and a joy to read. It very much reflects its creator.

📚Heather Johnson, Librarian, 

Maryland, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for telling me about your website. As a librarian, I read many book reviews, and they are often quite dry and dull. However, your reviews are so personal that I feel I am reading a review from a trusted friend. You have even caused me to look at some things with a new perspective.  In particular, I enjoy listening to your audio clips. Your voice is so soothing and melodic; I would listen to you read anything!  Hearing literature read aloud not only brings the work to life, but it can also help with reading comprehension. So, I intend recommending your site to teachers and students. I look forward to your review of my personal favorite, The Brothers Karamazov!

📚S. Warren, Fine Artist, 


I love reading the classics (currently reading Anna Karenina, War of the Worlds, and The Cherry Orchard). I am happy I discovered your website.  I look forward to reading all your wonderful reviews and listening to your recordings. They are unique. I particularly love your renditions of Shakespeare’s “Sonnet #18,” Robbie Burns’ poem, and Captain Wentworth’s letter from Austen’s Persuasion. Did you know that the sculptor and painter, Michelangelo, also wrote sonnets? I would love to hear you record some of these.

📚Alfred Odierno, Educator: English and American Literature, Maryland, U. S. A.

All bibliophiles have a deep, enduring love of the classics. They see and feel their meaning and timeless value, their beauty, power, and cherish their enduring art of poetry and prose. The classics are treasures of our culture.  Any student who has ever sat in a boring English class will tell you that when an instructor is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and sincere in his or her love of the works taught, only then will a student begin to sit up and take notice.

At Copley Classics, Sarah Fredericks presents the greatest works of the canon–both the familiar and the less celebrated–with love, intelligence, knowledge, and enthusiasm that is almost palpable. The audio segments are charming, conveying an intimacy and passion for literature. Her reviews are thoughtful love letters to the works and writers themselves: They are an invitation to travel on a profound, endless journey on the vast frigate that is a book. And better yet, the welcoming tone and quality of the web page’s presentation will stimulate new interest in our many priceless and timeless classics. The classics will continue to live and thrive as long as there are websites of this genuine quality and intelligence.