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imageWhat are your favorite Classics?

What was the last Classic you read?

What Classic are you reading now?

imagePlease share your thoughts in the comment box on this page, at the end of any literary review, or write to Sarah at


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9 responses to “Write to Me📝

  1. Melissa Howard

    I love your website! Many of the books you listed as favorites are also favorites of mine, so I thought I’d recommend one of my favorite books. If you haven’t read Precious Bane by Mary Webb yet, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


  2. Marcus

    Hey Sarah,
    I just read your Dracula and Persuasion reviews last week. I will read the Importance of Being Earnest review soon and give you my comments on all three. You write your reviews very well Sarah, and you capture the essence of each work perfectly!

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  3. George J. Acton

    Sarah, You have a winner in your new concept. Congratulations!
    George and Peggy Acton

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  4. Marcus

    Brilliant website Sarah!

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  5. Hayley Medeiros

    I think your new website is really beautiful! I really love the way you have designed it.

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  6. Hayley Medeiros

    By the way, Miss Jane Austen is my favorite novelist, so I do hope that you will be including a good measure of her work here! You might also include some of her letters, lesser known works, and unfinished ones. 😉

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